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censorship and disappearance

ecological issues

thinking memory

conflict and warrior representation

functional approach of the conflict

media influences and misconceptions

migrations and nationalism

virtual, reality; confusion of genres?

control and security

Theater of war
photographs with a group of Kurdish guerrilla,
Iraq, 2011 – 2012.


plan sequence of a day in the life of Free Syrian Army fighter,
first personnal camera, 24 hours loop, shown in real time,
Alep and Idlib province (Syria), august 2012.


American suburb
Iraq, 2010.


photo session with Peshmergas,
Iraq, 2010.


War pictures
Photographs of an Afghan soldier armed with a toy Kalashnikov covered with Kandahari ornamental embroidery (mirror and silver wire),
Afghanistan, 2010.


“Go to see the swimming pool”
swimming pool photography,
Kabul (Afghanistan), 2004.

go to see the swimming pool