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ruins of a future

thinking memory

conflict and warrior representation

functional approach of the conflict

media influences and misconceptions

migrations and nationalism

virtual, reality; confusion of genres?

about China

homeland security in West

manufacturing kippah with keffiyeh
project realized and exhibited in the Morasha neighborhood between East and West Jerusalem, 2010.


Sale on account bill next,
auction on Ebay for a burqa,
Paris (France), 2010.


Universal Declaration of Human Rights, frame and AK 47,
60 x 100 x 15 cm,
Paris (France), 2008.


photographs installation in space
variable formats of digital photography
persons scale 1:1
Belem (Bazil), 2006.

deplacement emeric lhuisset bresil      

Photographs of interference in space,
four formats of 100 x 75 cm,
Montreuil (France)/Bogota (Columbia), 2006.