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ruins of a future

thinking memory

conflict and warrior representation

functional approach of the conflict

media influences and misconceptions

migrations and nationalism

virtual, reality; confusion of genres?

about China

homeland security in West

War game,
Free Syrian Army fighter playing Counter Strike
video 3'27'', looped
Syria (Idlib province), August 2012.

"Mother fucker, burn!",
first personal video (FPS),
video realised with mobile phone and AK47β rifle,
52'26'' looped,
Paris (France), 2009.

emeric lhuisset video mother fucker burn

« Ce matin, j’ai cassé mon stylo Bic en regardant une vidéo d’Al-Qaïda sur CNN… »,
pictures search on Google and screenshot,
laser print pasted on wood,
420 x 300 cm,
Paris (France), 2007.